Sizes & Servings

Sizes & Servings

Serving Sizes

In the world of cakes, there are two different kinds of cake servings. One is a party size (for most things like birthday parties, appreciation gifts, etc.) and the other is an event size (for formal things like a wedding). A party sized serving of cake is more generous than the formal event sized.

  • Party Sized Serving: approximately 2″ wide by 2″ deep by 4″ tall (think your average sized triangular slice in rectangular shape) for round and square cakes; approximately 2″ wide by 2″ deep by 2½” tall for sheet cakes
  • Event Sized Serving: approximately 1.5″ wide by 2″ deep by 4″ tall for round and square cakes

How much cake do I need?

When ordering a cake, some people like to aim high and order extra. You are of course more than welcome to do this, but I personally have found that this is unnecessary. In general, I recommend taking the number of guests you INVITED (not the number of people you expect to be there) and multiply that by 75%. The resulting number is about how many servings you should need.

For example, say you invited 250 guests. 250 x .75 = 187.5. Round up to 188 and that is about the number of servings you should order.

Why do I recommend this? A couple reasons:

  • Not everyone you invite will make it. Even those who RSVP might not show up (forgot, family emergency, etc.).
  • Not everyone in attendance wants or likes cake (don’t like the taste, on a diet, etc.).