Cake Tasting


Whether you’re getting married or planning the perfect party, a cake tasting is always something fun to do!

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read the full description below.

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If you’re more excited about your cake tasting than you are about any other aspect of your wedding or party planning, I don’t blame you. Who doesn’t want to indulge in some fancy, yummy cake flavors with decadent fillings and delicious icings?

Cake tastings are typically only done for weddings, but if you’d like to have one for another party, you’re more that welcome to!

Each tasting is by appointment only. Location varies, but can be held at the park (during the spring/summer time) or in the customer’s home.

How I do a cake tasting is combine it with your cake consultation. So this is not only setting up a date and time to try cake, but also to discuss the details of how you’d like your cake to look. These appointments usually last between 30 minutes and an hour.

A cake tasting is for TWO PEOPLE ONLY (you + one other; ideas: your fiancé, your mom, your best friend, or whoever you trust to help you choose your flavors).

How It Works

  • Purchase a cake tasting. In the process, you’ll choose 3 cake flavors and 3 cake filling flavors. Once your order is placed, I (TJ) will email you concerning the best time and place to meet.
  • Download and print your checklist. After purchasing this cake tasting, you’ll receive a PDF format checklist to download onto your computer and print. PLEASE FILL THIS OUT BEFORE OUR MEETING! Some details on this checklist you’ll need to await the email from me to complete (such as meeting time).
  • Gather together the stuff you need. The checklist lists several items you need to gather before our meeting.
  • Attend the cake tasting and consultation. Show up with your checklist and the items you gathered and we’ll be good to go! I provide the iced cake samples, the fillings, water to drink, napkins, spoons, and forks.
  • Enjoy your tasting! I will also provide you with a Cake Tasting Score Sheet during the tasting to help you settle upon your favorites.

ABOUT THE FEE: The fee you spend on your cake tasting is non-refundable. It gets spent on the ingredients, baking, assembling, preparation, presentation, and transportation of the cake tasting supplies. If, however, you book us to make your event’s cake, this fee goes towards the total cost of your cake!